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Teenie Weenie EarBud Cleanie Crud- Remover

Teenie Weenie EarBud Cleanie Crud- Remover

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A brush, nib & sponge to bust dust, wax & crust.

  • Problem—solved! Carry the Teenie Weenie Earbud Cleanie™ in your bag. Keep it handy at your desk. Stow it in the junk drawer. It doesn’t matter where you stash it—only that you regularly use it to tidy up those disgusting earpods. Think yours don’t need it? Go have a look. We’ll wait. (Right. As we thought.)
  • This multi-tool is 3 crust-busting tools in 1. The tiny nib works its way into tiny wax-encrusted crevices, the little brush loosens dried debris & the long sponge whisks away the dust.
  • This product is made with eco-happy wheat straw. Wheat straw is a bio-plastic, a planet-friendly alternative to petroleum-based plastics.
  • Materials: ABS + Fiber Wool + Wheat Straw.

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