We're So Happy You're Here

Hey Friends! The most asked question I get is "What does Give Me 3 mean?" Well friend, grab a cup of coffee and let's sit and chat!

Give Me 3 came from the most dear and precious gift in my life..JESUS! He put a dream in a single mom's heart and a cute cowboy in her life to encourage her into obedience. The number 3 has always been significant to me. First, the Trinity; the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I would be absolutely nothing without my Lord and Savior. 

I am a Mama to three of the sweetest babies. They're in their young adult/teenage years so life is very busy. The saying is very true; babies don't keep; time is a thief.

In 2017, I told that cute Cowboy what I felt the Lord was calling me to, he looked at me and said a phrase that has become our family's motto. He said "Darlin' you gotta Nod and Go." In Cowboy terms, that means “Let's Do This.” He loaned me the money to buy my first cutting machine and together we would paint doormats on our kitchen table. A diamond ring and a year later, we had taken over my parents showroom at their Golf Car business. In 2020, God opened a door for GM3 that would change my life forever. That door belonged to Suite C on Douglas Drive. Fast forward 9 months and HE was opening doors again (and breaking down walls, HA!) this time to Suite D where we could grow and continue to learn about His Timing and His Faithfulness!

     My prayer is that every one who walks through our doors sees Jesus in myself, my employees and my store. If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, please just Give Me 3 minutes and I’ll tell you how Jesus left heaven to come live a perfect and sinless life. He died on the cross to save us from an eternity separated from God, the Father. Three days later He defeated the grave and rose again. He promises to come back again one day for us. And oh what a sweet sweet day that will be! 

Until that day, shop local! Shop Give Me 3! 

In His Grace~ Tracey B


We absolutely adore our customers! We thrive on the opportunity to help you create the perfect gift. What we love even more so is getting to know each of our customers on a personal level. Our goal is to create a welcoming environment and when you walk out the door, you feel as if you just left the cutest gift store shopping with your new best friends! We also really love being together. We are a family that supports and loves one another; but at times, we can also be like a college frat house by the many pranks that we are constantly pulling on one another. We love to laugh together. As their "boss" there's no better feeling than your girls never wanting to leave because they're having too much fun "working". I pray that feeling is contagious and spills over into our customers and into our community!