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Kanga Coolers

Kanga Coolers - Kase Mate Collegiate: LSU / 12-Pack

Kanga Coolers - Kase Mate Collegiate: LSU / 12-Pack

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Introducing The Kase Mate 12-Pack Collegiate Collection. This collection features official licensed Kase Mate's from some of our favorite schools across the US. Don't see your school yet? Drop us an email and we'll do our best to get your school in motion! The Kase Mate is the No Ice, Keep the Case, Cooler. It's designed to Keep 12, 24, or 30 Packs of 12oz standard or slim can beverages (see below) cold for up to 7 hours - without ice! The Kase Mate makes enjoying cold drinks easier than ever before.    Key Features * Keeps drinks cold without ice for up to 7 hours * Made for convenience, ease of use. Just slide over the cold case... and go!

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