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Sensory Pens

Sensory Pens

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  • LIQUID MOTION SENSORY PENS – Colorful and Bright Sensory Pens that are fun and mesmerizing. Flip and shake to make the colored liquid flow and move for a relaxing and calming effect. A good size for younger children to aid with writing, drawing and coloring.
  • STRESS RELIEF AND CALMING EXPERIENCE – Slow rhythmic movement induces a calm and relaxing effect that could help with creativity, focus and attention. Flipping the pen to stand for a short brain break could help with redirection and focus during strenuous mental activities. Also, they’re just fun to watch!
  • CREATIVITY FOR WRITING, DRAWING, COLORING AND SKETCHING – Bright colors are stimulating and helps with creativity, including writing, drawing or coloring. Using different colored inks to write helps with organization and separation of thoughts and ideas.
  • INCLUDED IN PACKAGE – 7 Colorful and Bright Sensory Pens with matching ink colors + BLACK INK INCLUDED. There are multiple refills for each color so you don’t run out of ink too soon. Instructions are also included in the box to help with ink replacement.
  • GIFTABLE – Great as gifts for children’s birthdays, classrooms, holidays, stocking stuffers, promotions and giveaways with brightly colored packaging!

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